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CPS Research – HPV Vaccine

David CoganDavid Cogan

Last week, everyone at CPS was delighted to read this BBC news article about the success of the HPV vaccine.

CPS Research were one of the research sites involved in conducting clinical trials to assess the HPV vaccine. In fact, one of our research nurses, Lindsey, delivered the first vaccination to a patient in the UK! The hope was that this study would be effective in reducing the incidence of cancer of the cervix.

The study started way back in 2002 and thousands of young women were recruited worldwide, with over 400 being recruited by CPS Research. Participation in the study lasted for over a period of 4 years.

Lindsey said:

“Before working with CPS, I was nursing in a hospice and cared for grandmothers, mothers and daughters of all ages with cervical cancer. I was so happy vaccinate the first person in the UK and I can remember feeling very emotional and hopeful that day – in fact, I cried! When the strongly positive interim study results were revealed, we were all celebrating! We had got to know the girls on the study so well over the time and we all felt so proud to have been part of this amazing trial, which has now been proven to have saved so many lives!”

News reports like this are fantastic to see and this is just another great example of just how important participating, when possible, in clinical trials is in helping to shape the future of healthcare!

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