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support services

protocol design

At the heart of every successful clinical trial is a well thought out study protocol avoiding later amendments. A protocol must be scientifically sound, be practical to implement, and address a population which is not over-restrictive. Errors, oversights and impractical eligibility criteria impacting recruitment are the most common causes for a project delay.

By virtue of having carried out hundreds of clinical trials, CPS Research understands the underpinnings of a solid protocol and can assist you in getting it right the first time.

medical writing

Our medical writing service delivers the highest quality scientific material including protocols, scientific papers, and posters.

Regulatory reports for medicines, medical devices, and food supplements can be produced.

Statistical support is provided by our liaison with Strathclyde University.

regulatory support

Our clinical and regulatory team can provide regulatory support to support protocol development and navigate the approval process of the European Medicines Agency, the MHRA and EU Competent Authorities, the European Food Safety Authority.

CPS Research are able to provide full service for UK regulatory submissions to the MHRA and Research Ethics Committees.

Remote trials

Recent developments in clinical trial design have driven the trend towards remote patient engagement.

While this is not fully developed CPS Research with its combination of clinical expertise and IT support is in a strong position to capitalise
this space.

IT Trial Management Systems

We have experience in the design and development of eDiaries, Interactive Patient Websites, Patient Referral Management System and trial App design and support.

Your Health and Wellbeing

Our Safety Procedures

Temperature checks

Everyone is required to have a temperature check as they enter the clinic.

Hand Sanitising

Multiple hand sanitisation stations are located throughout the clinic. Frequent hand cleaning is followed by all of our staff.

PPE (PERSONAL protective equipment)

All staff will be equipped with personal protective equipment to keep you and them as safe as possible.


Every consultation room and visiting area is deep cleaned between visits to ensure your safety.


Social distancing of 2M will be in effect at all times within the clinic.


Each clinical room is fitted with a 0.1 micron HEPA air filtration system which filters the air removing viral particles.