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Investigator Site


General Therapeutic Indications

CPS Research was established by and continues to be staffed by qualified GPs with solid foundations in general medicine, supported by experienced research physicians.

CPS Research has averaged over 10 clinical trials per year during our 30-year history. These include studies in the fields of cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, psychiatry, immunology, dermatology, and respiratory medicine.

Microbiome Therapies

CPS Research recognises the microbiome as a particular area of interest in current drug development. This is an exciting time for ongoing research as pipeline products continually reach the clinical trials stage. We are currently positioning ourselves as one of the foremost clinical trial sites within this field. Over the last year, we have undertaken three studies in micro-biotic products including one of the largest paediatric studies conducted in this area.

Over the Counter (OTC) Therapies

Over our 30-year history we have have been successful in recruiting typical patients for OTC studies

Food Supplements

We have conducted several trials for food additives with the objective of health claim status.

For trials involving borderline substances or uncertain indications, our team can help guide you through the regulatory process to obtain the necessary approvals for your trial.

Medical Devices

From exploratory studies to post-marketing Phase IV enquiries, we have experience with conducting trials for medical devices ranging from enhanced diabetic meters, and inhaler devices to clips for ingrowing toenails and insoles.


clinical facility

Our facility is located in a centralised site with our main offices for full access to our clinical team, admin support, IMP storage facility and laboratory equipment.

Modern, fully equipped clinical rooms to current H.I.S. standards.

IMP Management

Full oversight with a chain of custody from receipt of products until disposal. Dedicated secure, restricted access, storage facility in temperature-controlled room.

Our facilities support storage of investigational product for ambient and refrigerated requirements.

General Practitioner (GP) network

CPS Research operates a unique model contract with local GP practices giving access to a Greater Glasgow population of 1.5 million. We involve the support of local GPs as sub-investigators.

All GPs are fully GCP trained and experienced in clinical trials. This is a large-scale network with centralised CPS Research management.

CPS research remains a single size model for regulatory, contracting,  filing and monitoring purposes.

Laboratory Sampling

CPS Research is experienced in conducting clinical trials with local and central laboratory services. Our facilities support the storage of laboratory samples for ambient, refrigerated, -20C and -80C requirements. Full oversight with a chain of custody from sampling to reporting.

Clinical Investigations

Clinical Specialist Services:

  • CPS Research liaises with universities, institutions and local consultants to provide specialist services such as endoscopies, gynaecological procedures, and PK/PD related services.
  • Magnetic resonance, CT, DXA, x-ray, mammogram, endoscopy, and ultrasound are all within easy reach for patients participating in trials at our site.

patient recruitment

CPS Research has an experienced recruitment team specialising in the design, development, and programming of recruitment campaigns for trials run at our site.

While the bulk of patient enrolment is now principally through social media we continue to design and manage TV and traditional campaigns.

Our recent recruitment metrics support our claim to being specialists in this field.

Unique Model


Potential participant can view the advert on Facebook or after a Google search. Only those within a defined radius of the site location can view the advert (usually 20—25 km). Demographic searches on Facebook can be targeted to focus on age, gender (not just location).


Potential participant completes eligibility online questionnaire. Questions are closely based on the eligibility criteria for the trial. Questionnaire also contains further general information relating to the study procedures, visits, timelines etc.


Potential participants who successfully complete the questionnaire and who appear eligible are asked to provide contact details (telephone and email).


Potential participants are contacted by our Research Nurses to go through a further, detailed screening questionnaire. The study is discussed in more detail and the participants are sent the Patient Information Sheet to review.


Following successful pre-screening, eligible participants are given an appointment for attendance at the CPS Research clinical facilities based in Glasgow.

Project management

CPS Research provides clinical and management oversight throughout the clinical trial process at our site. This includes support with regulatory submissions, and the provision of a direct management and clinical lead to ensure rapid response on any project related discussions.

Your Health and Wellbeing

Our Safety Procedures

Temperature checks

Everyone is required to have a temperature check as they enter the clinic.

Hand Sanitising

Multiple hand sanitisation stations are located throughout the clinic. Frequent hand cleaning is followed by all of our staff.

PPE (PERSONAL protective equipment)

All staff will be equipped with personal protective equipment to keep you and them as safe as possible.


Every consultation room and visiting area is deep cleaned between visits to ensure your safety.


Social distancing of 2M will be in effect at all times within the clinic.


Each clinical room is fitted with a 0.1 micron HEPA air filtration system which filters the air removing viral particles.